Love and Murder In Red Satin

  June 15, 2013

Passion In Print Press

ISBN 978-1-60820-8692

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Excerpt from Love and Murder In Red Satin

“I heard sounds up here, so I came to check. When I saw you weren’t in your room and the bathroom door was closed, I was going to go back downstairs.”

Her breathing slowly returning to normal, she noticed his eyes were focused on her breasts. She’d thrown on one of her running tank tops to sleep in, and she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Greg knew he was staring, but he couldn’t help it. A thin, white top stretched seductively over Allie’s nipples and ended above her navel. Below that were a pair of blue bikini panties and a perfect set of long legs. He was rock hard and hoped like hell she’d keep her eyes on his upper body. Christ, he should’ve stayed on the couch.

She crossed her arms over her chest. Okay, this was damn uncomfortable.

“Didn’t mean to startle you,” he said, focusing on her face. Sometimes retreat was the best option. “If you don’t need anything, I’ll go back downstairs.”

He turned and headed toward the stairway.

“I had a nightmare.”

Her soft voice stopped him, and he looked at her. She hadn’t moved. Behind her, the bathroom light was still on, and a vision of making love to her made it damn hard to keep his eyes where they belonged.

Say you’re sorry, Weston, and get your ass back downstairs.

“Do you want me to stay with you?” he heard himself say.

She licked her lips, then scraped her teeth over the bottom one. Sweetheart, never lick your lips when a guy asks you that.

Allie read in Greg’s eyes the real question he was asking and heard it in his voice that had gone husky. All she had to do was say yes. God help her, she wanted to even though she knew it was a bad idea.

He had one hand on the railing at the top of the stairway, but the way he was watching her said he wanted the same thing she did. Not trusting her voice, she nodded slowly. He didn’t move. Maybe she’d misread him. Or maybe he was smarter than she was and didn’t want to start anything he’d be sorry for. They’d be sorry for. Maybe she should tell him to go back downstairs to the couch. No, don’t say anything about the couch. He might think she was implying she’d join him there.

She meant to open her mouth to tell him but licked her lips instead. He started moving toward her slowly, as if giving her time to change her mind. She met him halfway, knowing full well she’d lost it.