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When I’m not busy helping my heroine and hero fall in love while they try to outwit and stop whoever is trying to kill them, I’ll post some photos and tidbits of information on This and That.

Warning!  I’m an eclectic Gemini as this page will suggest.

My interests range from wildlife, that’s one word not two, and beautiful scenery to health and safety issues.  Also, although I have no scientific background, I get excited every time someone somewhere digs up another dinosaur bone or finds remnants of a lost civilization.  At the same time, I thrill to new glimpses of outer space, the development of vaccines, and renewable energy.

However, vampires, werewolves, and all things paranormal also pique my interest, so do you see where I am?  Who knows what you may discover within the cyber folds of this page.  Delve and immerse or skim and scan.

Sleep Your Way to a Thinner You
According to the article “Fight Fat With Sleep” by Michael O’Shea in the May 10, 2009 PARADE, lack of sleep increases the appetite-stimulating hormone and decreases the hormone that reduces food-consumption.  So sleep more and eat less.  On a similar note . . .

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Sleep Your Way to Better Health
In the “Stay Healthy” column by Dr. Ranit Mishori in the June 7 issue of PARADE, she says lack of sleep has been linked to obesity, cancer, heart disease, and low immune response.  Wow!   Those are good reasons to catch more Zzzzz’s.

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Chocolate For Renewable Energy?
In the May 6, 2009, CAMERA, a Colorado newspaper, an article out of London says scientists at the University of Warwick unveiled a biofuel vehicle that runs on vegetable oils and waste from chocolate factories.   So does the vehicle’s exhaust smell like chocolate French fries?

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Chocolate Defies Depressed Economy
An article by Deb Riechmann off the Associated Press and out of Washington says sales of chocolate are up as are sales of Spam, cheaper wine, and running shoes.  I’m doing my best to help the economy — chocolate, wine, and shoes, great.   But forget the Spam.

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Men Are Trying
(Take that any way you like.) In the June 2009 issue of PLAYBOY an article announced that will send a reminder of when the woman in a man’s life is approaching, well, you got it — PMS time of the month.  Apparently, the idea is to remind the guy when to provide her with extra TLC.  So, what do you think?  Send me an e-mail and let me know.  I’ll pick a few comments to publish here.